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Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. You can't help it.


1. Don't drive
2. Find a school near home (i understand how this may be impossible for you, as you have quite a unique degree, electroacoustics right?
3. Live at home
4. Find a job near home

Follow those four and you will have alot more cash, will means you dont need to work as much, so therefore more free time. I'm a year younger than you and I havent had to pay for gas once in my life. I take the bus to school for cheap, sometimes free, and drive to work and music lessons which are only a few miles away. I have lots of free time and extra dough, yo.

There's never a point in anyones life where they have nothing to want. Be thankful and grateful for what you have in comparison to people who live in poverty and whatnot- and while that may not solve your situation thinking that way is good for peace of mind.

Surviving isn't a problem, it's the debt I'll be racking up. I just wish I didn't have to do the whole uni thing at all.

If everything goes according to plan, when I'll be your age, I'll have finished my first year of university.

Best of luck to you, Rig. <3 :3

Shit happens, Some guy is living his dreams, others are often given a middle finger when they try to succeed. I think the main problem is that so many people have already done so many things, that there really isn't anything left to do.

buy lottery tickets

Well, can you at least still submit music here?

I love you rig, can't post on the thread sadly ;_;

What do you mean "let a more active fellow take over the role"?

I'm sorry to hear that you've stepped down as mod Rig. Even Audio too?
Ah man..... :(

Visit Stickam once in a while.

My life is over.

Congrats at giving yourself that kick in the ass to move on with your life.

Hopefully you make it big.


Oh no, it's like MaestroRage all over again. I can see it happening!

Im with you on this.. im 21.. but im not as talented as you :(... For a long time I've been telling myself, "now is the time to stop working, now is the time to get ahead, now is the time to show the world (or at least the people around me, and maybe newgrounds hahah) what i can do.. except i cant find the time and opportunity to sit down and do what i love.. i cant even improve my skills, im stuck, ive been stuck, and i feel i will always be stuck... The best i can do is visit newgrounds and experience other peoples worlds, listen to others' music, enjoy, and wish i was the one creating these masterpieces.
Well, im sure a door of opportunity will open for you, and I hope for myself also. You already have a hit song, and lets hope a hit game! Im not going to try to give you advice and act like im Mr. Wisdomfull, but just know that you're not alone in this struggle. I work 7 days a week in a restaurant, for the past 4 years, and im only 21! My younger sister is already ahead of me in school, im still in community college, and all my friends are at some fancy university partying their asses off while I'm working with 40 year olds. My girlfriend lives 5k miles away from me in Brazil, she gets 2 days off a month and is trying to get into a university. I work every friday, saturday, sunday nights.. so much for going out and enjoying life.. Im the youngest one in my restaurant, and my social environment consists of customers that don't talk to me, and a consistent flow of gossip, complaint, and hopelessness between co-workers. This rubs off on me and my outlook on life, but i keep my head up.
Your special aptitude in music will get you somewhere i believe, you have a whole lot of talent and a whole lot of listeners and people who appreciate your work(like me). Keep it up, don't envy the privileged(like i do sometimes), and i guess... be cool dude

Also, you should apply for studios anyway. you never know what people want unless you ask. Besides, you gain experience on the job. Don't think that your not good enough, just do your best.

don't stop visiting ng alltogether, i know how it is not having time to do the stuff one want to due to job/school... :-/

so, good luck with the music, i'll see you on the flipside, buddy! :(

another thing... if you really wanna work with music, you might wanna try to start doing live gigs as a soundtech. that's how i keep my audio-skills at least somewhat alive - plus, i get paid for it. gigs are most often weekends and evenings, so it don't interfere too much with school...

it's also a great way to get new inspiration, you'll learn alot about acoustics in different environment and most important of all - it's a kind of job that doesn't suck monkeyballs altogether! :)

:'( no longer a mod

Have you ever seen the movie "UP"?

Damn that "Things I will do" page.

I agree, each time I think about putting a lot of time into music or actually going to study it in college I remember what the compitition is...and furthermore with the highly successful young people..I also know what you mean. Oh well, job's will be the downfall of us all.


Uhuh, anyway. Goodluck, don't die. We all float on, ok?

I'll write back when I have more encouraging words :).

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