Getcher halloween musics here!

2007-10-11 19:23:51 by Rig

I'm reposting this list of scawy NG songs, cause 1) I seem to be getting more traffic to this page and 2) you guys need them!

All you animators need some scary NG music for your awesome Halloween flashes, right? Well, here's a short list of scary songs! I'll add some more to it as I go along.
In the meantime, feel free to contact me with some more scary songs to add to the list.

The Demons In My Head - pitbulljones
Follow the Wind - SBB
Haunted - RigAudio
Ghosts in the walls - RigAudio
Background Sound - ListenToMyMusic
Midnight Mystery - TheAmateurAnimator
Place for Ghosts - Joowna
Exit - SBB
Nightmare (not completed, on Putfile) - SBB
~terror~ - BlkAce
Static - SineRider
Is This What You Want (not completed, on Putfile) - SineRider
Hallow's Eve - navij11
Drakula - ViralStudios
Drowning - ZENON
Autumns' Killings - Bad-Man-Incorporated
Possessed! - Black-Cloak-of-Night (BMI's alt lollolol)
Halloween Loop 2007 (lols, REAL original :P) - LJCoffee
Haunted House! - Dj-Unknown
Haunted Rap - Realmguys
Hi Zoe - RedHotPoker (actually, pretty much everything by this guy is scary)
Killer Piano Syndrome - Androu1


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2007-10-12 01:33:26

3) It comes up on the first page when someone wants to see your profile. Am I right or am I right?

Rig responds:

Well, yeah. :D


2007-10-17 17:04:55

And I'm not on it :'(? n/96873

Rig responds:



2007-10-18 03:52:52

Hey man, I gotta couple for ya, in my alt. 1 metal, 1 just weird scary. haha. n/97308

and n/99012

It'd be cool if you added those too.
Thanks bro.

Rig responds:

Added, thanks


2007-10-18 18:31:12

Awesome list.

I'm not making a flash, but still cool.

How long did it take you to put this together?

(Updated ) Rig responds:

Oh, just added stuff here and there. It's been in existence for a week or so.
And if you're not making a flash, then tell alla your friends! :)


2007-10-19 02:58:29

ach, how could u leave this one off? :-) n/26796

Rig responds:

You're right! I fail :(


2007-10-19 21:37:37

If you want some scary stuff? Just check almost every piece by RedHotPoker. They're really friggin' scary. h/author/Redhotpoker

Rig responds:

Righto - added


2007-10-29 08:18:44

Cool I just noticed im in the list !!!! W0000000t :P

Rig responds:



2007-11-30 20:04:22

Something like this? n/107729


2008-02-06 08:30:10

I have halloween songs too - FIND THEM! >:(

Rig responds:

How about you them?


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