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Posted by Rig - March 17th, 2008

I can't make front-paged newsposts. This is probably because I got my name changed, so I wonder if RigAudio can do it...
If an admin is reading this, can it be fixed?

EDIT: Looks like I have to get a song in the top 5. >:(

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lolwhut, they changed the front page news requirements quite a while ago, you need a flash portal award or weekly top 5 or something like that to post front page news.
I can't make front-page newsposts either. So you'll be needing that weekly 5 lol (or maybe an award from the CTSG flash, or is Britishmoose submitting it?).
Anyway, yeah, apparently even people with the turd award can front page blog...

MaestroRage can post on the front page - I'm not sure what the threshold is for audio folks, but I think I might've reached it. And I think that mods are automatically allowed front-page access, like how we can vote for the monthly top stuff. :P

I think people making a first news post also get front paged. I remember getting on the front page with my first one.

I wish mine would get front page now. It'd help me get a little more exposure. o.o

No, it's not like that anymore...

If you've had a song featured on the weekly top 5 list, and you can frontpage a news post every 14 days.

It has nothing to do with your username/mod status.

What? Getting an AP Top 5 spot REALLY determines if you're legit enough to post front page stuff?


Time to write some generic happy hardcore shit >:(

Make generic mid-tempo dream trance or whatever that stupid-ass genre is called- that'll get you popular as fuck

Maybe I'll make a "Super Metroid Kong Country" song.

I'm a little sad with the requirements too. Though an art student in real life, apparently I'm not qualified as such here on newgrounds :P

I thought it was about merit >:(

I even PMed A-Bot and everything for an application becuz I HAVES IMPORTANT NOOZ 2 SHAR.

I'd better pull out some shit song that starts happy hardcore, breaks down, then the build is really long and drawn out and super-happy-anthem-gay-progressive-pe nis trance.

Remember to add Zelda to your song's name, too.

And yes, the new requirements certainly do suck, but it's to make sure random people don't spam up the front page with their unimportant announcements. I'm heartbroken ):

Super Metroid Zelda Kong Bros. Country 3 Dance Remix it is, then.

Rigged up, alright. XD

hail satan

"Remember to add Zelda to your song's name, too."

lol, so true