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Rig's News

Posted by Rig - August 13th, 2007

1) A dozen songs for a C&C mod called "America's Rage"
2) A theme for a Madness Day flash
3) Beat Capacity (whatever it's called) song
4) Some yet-to-be-clarified loops for the guys at lawolawl.com

So I can't take on any more at the moment. You know, just in case you were wondering. :-P

Posted by Rig - July 26th, 2007

Hey guys! Just wanted to say that www.splicemusic.com has successfully updated to the new version, and now you can create music in your browser using the worlds most advanced online music sequencer!
The sequencer was jointly created by Andre Michelle and Bram from smartelectronix.com, and it will knock your socks off. It has built in effects, synths, all the things you need to get started making music. And once you're done, share it with your friends!

Check out this demo video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWbJ7jC ET Zs

I'm very excited.

Posted by Rig - July 23rd, 2007

I was getting sick of that emoticon staring at me, begging me to write a post. So here's a post.


lol and now here's a scratchpad for threads

What follows is an epic chat on the IRC, featuring everyones favourite stalker: ronay.

You probably know that he's been leaving creepy comments and sending me retarded PMs for a while. I finally got to communicate live with him, and chim, New-Milkman, SolusLunes, DSMagnum, Navij11, SineRider, MJTTOMB, and MaestroRage (with an appearance by Rucklo) got to chat with the legend as well.

I was on MSN and sent NMM a message...

Rig - lol hi
Milkman - no
Milkman - irc
Rig - OMG
Rig - you're kidding
Milkman - no

He wasn't kidding. Ronay was indeed in the irc, but strangely silent...

<RigAudio> zomgz
<RigAudio> heyyyyy it's ronay
<New-Milkman> i no rit?
<RigAudio> what's up, ronay
<RigAudio> ronayyyyyy
<CommonSense> Rig is a je
<CommonSense> jew*
<CommonSense> jewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ww

DSMagnum was so excited to see me, he misspelled "jew."

<CommonSense> bbl
<RigAudio> you fail at the internet
<New-Milkman> lol
<New-Milkman> is that how all jew's are?
<RigAudio> probably
<RigAudio> i mean, he can't spell jew
<RigAudio> wheeee

I pwnd him. I pwnd him good.
But there was a problem - ronay wasn't responding! I asked NMM what was up, and he said that he and ronay were privately chatting:

<ronay> are you there?
<New-Milkman> yes
<ronay> ok i have remix;d
<ronay> i mean remix'd
<ronay> rigs loop

Man, he's a stickler for spelling.

<New-Milkman> ok
<ronay> do you know rig
<New-Milkman> yeah
<ronay> hes on new grounds.com

This wasn't fun. I wanted him to chat in the main window :(

<RigAudio> ronay, type in THIS window, not new-milkman's
<New-Milkman> NO
<RigAudio> NO DIS ONE
<CommonSense> jewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
While DSM shared his wisdom with us, NMM was chatting with ronay.

<New-Milkman> you know how to talk in the main chat, right?
<ronay> i know any thing don't say the f word

Yeah, fucker.

<ronay> hes in the main chat?
<New-Milkman> yes
<ronay> save me!

... D:
Am I a horrible person?
Anyways, ronay decides to join us in the main chat. But he doesn't know how to switch from private chat to public chat, so he disconnects and logs back on.

<RigAudio> hi again ronay
<ronay> rig!
<RigAudio> ah, there you are
<ronay> are you mid
<RigAudio> what's up, ronay
<RigAudio> mid?
<ronay> at me?
<RigAudio> you mean, mad?
<ronay> yes mad at me
<RigAudio> no, i'm not mad
<ronay> ok why are you going to
<ronay> reveiw my music
<CommonSense> bbl
<RigAudio> look, ronay
<ronay> to busy
<RigAudio> you don't even remix
<ronay> i do good then you
<RigAudio> you just chopped up my loop i made

I've told him before - he can't remix songs. His "remix" of my parody of his "Rig is a asshole" song (by the way, he made a follow-up song called "Rig is not a asshole") was basically a random slicing and rearrangement.

He explains why he did it.

<ronay> i was helping you
<RigAudio> i don't review your songs because they're all going to be deleted anyway
<RigAudio> lol, how were you helping me?
<ronay> just trying to give you some friends
<RigAudio> really?
<RigAudio> that was you?
<ronay> yes
<RigAudio> i was WONDERING where all these friends came from
<ronay> thats what i do
<RigAudio> you know what?
<RigAudio> i think new-milkman needs more friends
<RigAudio> right, milkman? :)
<ronay> my net thing
<New-Milkman> naw, i'm good where i'm at

Apparently he uses his "net thing" to give me some much-needed friends. WTF?

<ronay> in my audio team i have RIG
<RigAudio> so, explain to us
<RigAudio> what is your "net thing?"
<chim> i work at the ministry of teh internetz
<ronay> my penis


<RigAudio> so you use your penis to give me friends?
<chim> HAHA
<ronay> i'am jokeing rig


<RigAudio> aww, i thought you really did use your penis
[7:35 PM] <ronay> just jokeing
[7:35 PM] <RigAudio> alright, so what's your real "net thing?"
[7:35 PM] <RigAudio> is it delicious?
[7:35 PM] <ronay> my internet
[7:35 PM] <chim> serious business
[7:36 PM] <ronay> no
[7:36 PM] <RigAudio> it's not delicious?
[7:36 PM] <ronay> what for you think you make audio as a dog
[7:37 PM] <New-Milkman> what does audio have to do with dogs?
[7:37 PM] <ronay> lets just talk business

Yeah, NMM. Stop being stupid. Geeze.

<ronay> now do you want to join my audio team newmilkman?
<RigAudio> i think he does
<New-Milkman> sur
<New-Milkman> i mean sure
<ronay> well good your with me
<RigAudio> so what would i have to do?
<ronay> i'll comment you whan i have time
<RigAudio> no, tell me here
<RigAudio> i'm interested

I didn't want him to leave when things were getting good.

<ronay> RIG you get to remix my audio
<RigAudio> but why would i want to do that?
<ronay> its your new job
<RigAudio> will you pay me?
<RigAudio> can i use my penis to get some friends?
<ronay> and always keep the job
<ronay> penis what penis?
<RigAudio> well, you said you used your penis to get me friends
<RigAudio> will it work if i did it too?
<ronay> thats just a joke!
<ronay> to get friend like me you need to make firends
<ronay> or friends srroy on the part their
<RigAudio> so if i want more friends like you, i need to use my penis?

Seems logical.

<ronay> no make firends...
<ronay> on the other hand i would let you join me for free!
<RigAudio> for free? really?
<RigAudio> i won't have to pay for your services?
<chim> no wai!
<chim> omg i want it too
<chim> please
<ronay> yeah for FREE!!!!
<ronay> on services
<ronay> zore services just for free
<chim> :O
<RigAudio> wow
<RigAudio> free zore services?
<ronay> sure so you want to join its free...free for ever and ever
<RigAudio> i don't know
<RigAudio> it sounds too good to be true
<chim> yup
<chim> also note
<ronay> think a bout it we can be teams!
<RigAudio> wow
<RigAudio> would we get a prize?

Ronay wants chim to be on his team, so he asks a question.

<ronay> chim what NG page are you?
<chim> http://navij11.newgrounds.com/


<RigAudio> yup, that's it
<ronay> the prize is joining me
<chim> make a song about me :)
<chim> but my real nick is Navij11
* User chim is now known as navij11
<RigAudio> so the prize for being in a team with you is being with you forever?

Sounds like the best prize ever.
Anyway, I'm tired. More epic chats and ronayisms later.