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Apologies are in order

Posted by Rig - May 5th, 2010

So you might know that I've been crashing the NG Awards party with my opinion on the result for best musician. I shouldn't have done that there - that thread was for congratulations and thank-yous. I said some pretty harsh things about the admins and Hania as well. For that, I apologize...I really did pull a Kanye.

However, I don't think I should've kept my opinion to myself. I hope to establish my position in a more concise manner here in this newspost.

Rucklo explained to me the reason Hania was chosen - she collaborated with a Flash animator and made the music for a couple of flashes, including the Flash Of The Year. Cool, I'll keep that in mind for next year. I just wish you had told us beforehand that the only criteria was "collaborate with a Flash artist," because at the moment this award doesn't seem to be for the "musician of the year" but rather the "soundtrack of the year."

I believe that a model NG musician not only works with flash artists, but submits plenty of songs and works with the community here. Hania submitted seven songs, made eleven blog posts and posted once last year, but otherwise steered clear of NG. No reviews at all in '09. She put little to no effort into the community here, except to remind her fans of her new merch and songs and stuff. In that regard and, coincidentally, my opinion, she's a very bad example of a Newgrounds Musician.

But wait, she wasn't chosen because of her involvement with the community! Well then, let's look at her music.

Production wise, she's above average for Newgrounds, but mostly because she sings and has access to some Very Professional Orchestral Samples. The mixing is amateurish, her abstractions and balancing need work, and whenever she strays from those Very Professional Orchestral Samples, her low production knowledge really shines through. The music in Tarboy especially screams "I HAS FL STUDIOS BUT I DON'T REALLY KNOW HOW IT WORKS LOL." But hey, despite her deficiencies in the production department, she knows how to write a catchy tune.

And does that catchy tune work in the context of Tarboy? Yes, it does. The composition goes well with the animation. Which is why I think that Hania should've received an award for Soundtrack Of The Year and not Musician Of The Year. As a musician who's supposed to represent Newgrounds, she simply doesn't hold up to the likes of Maestrorage, who was both a great composer and a pillar of the community, and the most deserving recipient of the award so far.

Tom, you've done a great job with NG over the past decade, building it up from a little personal sideshow to a full-blown company with freaking award ceremonies. It's awesome - I've built up my audio skills and made all sorts of connections through this website. I honestly wouldn't be where I am today if I had never joined Newgrounds.

But really, your choice simply didn't make sense to me.

Maybe arguments like this are why the Oscars don't have a Best Composer award and stick to Best Original Score, Original Song, Sound Mixing and Sound Editing. That makes sense. You KNOW that in order to win one of those awards, you'd better write something for a movie. The Grammies take care of the Best Musician award.. I suppose I was looking for more of a Grammies approach to your Best Musician award, and was surprised when it wasn't the case.

Oh well. I guess I know what to expect for next year.

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I still think you're the best.


I don't think I should've won the award for last year, though. lol

I think i would have to agree with you on the Separate awards idea. But hey, theres always improvement on Newground's behalf.

Eh, I just provided a suggestion.

Let's see- amateurish mixing. Low post count. Very Pro Orchestral Samples. Sounds like I might have a shot next year! Oh wait: I DOANT HAS FL STUDIO LOL. Seriously though, you make some very good points here...

Haha, thanks.

I was eating tapioca earlier today and couldn't help but wonder "What is the guy who's alias is "Rig" doing right now?".

And so its been eating away at me in much the manner I ate at the tapioca. 6:43pm EST May 05 2010, what were you doing?

Hmm. I do believe I was playing TF2 after my dinner.

GetAsHer Tom to let the musicians like you decide the winner next year. There's no opinion that matters more in that area than that of an experienced musician.

Well it's his site and his award ceremony. It's his opinion in the end.

I agree with all your statements

There are so many great musicians here on newgrounds that try hard to get their music out and are commoners on NG. The thing is... I think the NG Tank award isn't really taken so highly yet. It's not like Hania won the fuckin Nobel Peace Prize. So for now... while NG rises up and the award gets more prestigious then I bet there will be more consideration as to how the awards get awardedededed and such.

also poopy vagina


You would've won if you had tits and a vagina, right? :]


I'm glad that you are still recognizing Hania's music as having a place. I agree, soundtrack of the year. I took a long break from newgrounds and she was on my favorite audio artists list from when she had like 2 songs. So I do believe she is a great artist and certainly has her place.

As far as best AUDIO Artists go, there is some very professional talent here. You, Denny Schneidemesser (recently left), Winterwind, and the such.

As far as sound design goes, obviously you are one of, if not THE best NG has to offer. But there is more to the audio artist than this. I think you are recognizing this though, and are just saying that Hania isn't the very best overall audio artist.

I honestly don't know my way around the audio portal as well as I used to, so I can't say who the very best is. However, I do agree that it is not Hania (even if she is great at what she does).

The Grammy approach is far better for NGs purposes. I agree. The audio portal is neglected for the most part. We don't even get "points" for what we do here. Heck, I'm level like 4 or something (from just watching the very "best" flashes) and I've been reviewing (slowly) for like 4 years.

Yeah, my earlier comments were made more with my emotions and not with my logic. I feel really dumb for not waiting a few days before I made my general opinion known. A good life lesson, I suppose. I was tempted to delete my posts, but that's cheating, lol. They'll be in my post history forever.

And yeah, Hania's a good enough composer, but I don't think she embodies the Newgrounds Musician.

the thing is, you were right, they don't care about the audio portal.

From some of their later posts, I've gotta say that they do. It just took them three years, lol

I agree she is very amateur, so amateur that she used FL SLAYER for a serious work.

My God I am offended.

Yeah, that's what I meant about Tarboy, lol



ooooooooooooooh diss track

no u

hey i agree. but you have better things on your plate to worry about.

But of course.

Didn't make sense to me either. But, I decided to keep my trap shut.


My solution:

Would a couple of people be down to organize Audio Portal Awards? They can be organized, judged, and given to the musicians we see on the forums and in the portal. I would love to make this happen.

It's not my decision, but I think Tom said something about the possibility of a panel of judges for next year.

At least you're sexy.

Oh you.

Rig is a boss

Like a boss?

Don't apologize. I never do.

I do.

Your outspoken opinion is truely the voice of NGmusicians. You promote faith in a better future for the Audio Portal and hope to the average musician to keep posting, voting, and reviewing - that one day we can get our deserved respect. Your contests are true challenges and very entertaining. Thank you for being a great representative for audio artists here.

NOW... time to coerce those flash artists to play my shit...

Yeah, we need some partnerships here.

I think it would be cool if they added a "Best Soundtrack" award, as well as keeping best musician. Maybe things would work out more nicely then. There was seriously too much hostility from a lot of people over this.

Yeah, you're right, there was.

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