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Porridge today, Gromit! Tuesday!

One of my favourite lines. :)

Good job on the game, and way to go with getting the game rights. I didn't know there was gonna be a new short until I played this game, now I'm gonna be tuning in on Christmas.

aardmananimations responds:

Thanks for the comments - you'll love the new film!

The only way I got to level 25...

...was by switching my mouse buttons to double-click and using the gun on single.

This is a good start to a game, but you need to make it more user-friendly. It gets really hard really early - when that first huge wave came, I could only sit in the mothership with my overheated cannon firing sporadically and wait for them to pass. The cannon itself is useless after a few levels, as the damage it does seems to drop as the levels progress, regardless of how much I upgrade it.

The gun is only good in single mode because the other modes overheat it WAY too quickly, hence the reason why I switched three of my mouse buttons to double-click so that I could actually stand a chance against the enemies. Why did the upgrade costs suddenly jump from 250 to 1000? That makes the game even more difficult, as the enemies get tougher faster than we can upgrade the gun.

You'd think we'd be able to unlock more gun modes or upgrade its cooling. Please add more features like that and balance out the upgrade:difficulty ratio. It's a good game at first, but the steep curve is very frustrating and only hurts the gameplay. And when does it end? After over an hour of play, I saw no signs of any sort of "allies" responding to my signal.

The art is excellent. Good job on that.

Needs serious work.

Get rid of that damn link in the bottom right corner of the screen. I clicked it 73 times in a game, eventually contributing to my death. You know how annoying that is?

Why are there only four weapons? Why is there no incentive to keep playing after you get the guns? Why is the space background so boring to look at? Where's the art?

Fix this, or someone else will.

Great work!

This is indeed a fun flash, and was very captivating. But I think you should get rid of the "moves left" part and have it so that your score is based on how many moves it takes to eventually end up with the solution. Currently, if I'm stuck, I just press the three buttons in a pattern until I find the solution. Hints would be nice, too.

Otherwise, great original game! :D

Great game

It kept me occupied for the better part of an hour. Simple, gets the job done, and it has AWEZUM MOOSIX OLLOLOLLOLOLOLLZOLIOL

It worked

Now I know how to draw a cat! :D :D
And yeah, this tutorial took ages for me to write. Yeah. I spent hours on it. <_<


Cryoma responds:

I love your tutorials!
How to draw a cow plz?

Voted 5

Why would I vote lower? Great game, guys. The music worked well, too. :)

Hi, I'm a nursemaid

Let me help you with that.

It's a great little test, quite entertaining! It does what it's supposed to do. Good job.

Nice game!

It's a really original game in the sense that you have certain targets to meet. There were some glitches, though - I put my mouse off the screen while it was ascending and the custom cursor wouldn't follow my mouse again, it stayed a screen below :(

But yeah, great job! Also, thanks for using my songs - my old account is crodian :3

Edwood-Grant responds:

Thanks I'm glad you liked it!

Wow! That's really interesting that I actually used songs from the same artist, only different nickname! Kudos to you I really liked them, I believe they suited well the ambient of the game :).

As for the glitches, yeah I know it's been something pretty hard to me to find that glitch, can't reproduce it, but still I will try to force the mouse placement so that doesn't repeat.

Thanks for your review


This reminds me of the Impossible Quiz game, except not as impossible. Great original concept, can't wait for more! :D

KJR responds:

Thanks for the music! :)

The finer sound designer.

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