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Rig's News

Posted by Rig - December 16th, 2008

I've decided that a popular song for me has >4,000 listens. Here's a list of them. Why? Because I can.


12,455 - Moving On - 06/07/2008
Y IZ POPLER: I won the contest for which it was created (but I never got my prize :C), it's dance, and it was my first song on the weekly Top 5.
Favs: 157

11,253 - Stardust Crazy - 07/21/2007
Y IZ POPLER: It was fourth place in the Top 30 at one point, resulting in it getting 0'd down to 4. It's also really catchy and happy and :3.
Favs: 104

6,659 - Epic Orchestra: Enhanced - 10/29/2006
Y IZ POPLER: My first submission. It's also used in a popular YouTube vid (the guy who actually made it can be found here)
Favs: 42 (ZOMGZ)

6,533 - Genesis - 03/26/2007
Y IZ POPLER: It's a remake of Epic Orchestra, lol. I made it for reFX as a demonstration of their Nexus plugin and its Dance Orchestra expansion (my first commission! I was so happy).
Favs: 46

6,280 - Rig & Spawn - 16 Bar Assassin - 09/09/2008
Y IZ POPLER: My second Top 5'd song! I was surprised, given that it's in the Hip-Hop genre...I guess the 0-bombers were feeling generous that day. It's also an awesome spur-of-the-moment collab.
Favs: 101

6,205 - CTSG2 - Morphin' Madness - 02/15/2008
Y IZ POPLER: The result of the second Continue The Song Game!
Favs: 44

6,132 - Ghosts in the walls - 09/11/2007
Y IZ POPLER: Probably because it's related to Halloween - people search for "scary song" and this pops up. But I like to think that it's popular because it has awesome subsonics and people tell their friends all about it.
Favs: 45

5,815 - Haunted - 07/01/2007
Y IZ POPLER: Another Halloween song :P
Favs: 29

5,375 - Fightin' Freddy - 09/15/2007
Y IZ POPLER: It was used in one of the winners of the 2008 Halloween contest, but I made this for a completely different reason: BritishMoose needed a fight song for Nuclear Freddy 3. He needed it that day. He's still not done :P.
Favs: 37

5,373 - Nine Years Old - 03/07/2007
Y IZ POPLER: It's a sad song I made on Splice, actually. It's a remix of a song by Kevin Maney, who was the technology editor of a major newspaper. Those are his vocals you hear.
Favs: 19

5,327 - Our Secret - 11/24/2007
Y IZ POPLER: I got in 5th place in one of the Monthly Audio Contests with this song. The theme was Ambient vs DnB, and I placed because the other 5th place guy (Dreamscaper) was caught uploading stolen stuff.
Favs: 31

5,046 - Celtic Warlords preview - 09/01/2007
Y IZ POPLER: Uhhhh...it sounds good? It's the preview of a song I was working on for a mod of a game...I never got it done :P
Favs: 14

4,671 - Dramatic Reading - Xaos PM - 11/15/2008
Y IZ POPLER: Top of the Top 5 a month ago. Fyndir's voice makes you listen to it over and over and over and over and over again, too.
Favs: 55

4,555 - The Happiest Song Evar! - 11/05/2006
Y IZ POPLER: My second submission, and it's really happy!
Favs: 26

4,531 - Dancing AND-DROID - 01/28/2007
Y IZ POPLER: It's pretty old, but it was used in Nuclear Freddy 2.
Favs: 34

4,503 - 8-bit Village - 07/30/2007
Y IZ POPLER: Everyone loves 8-bit songs! :D
Favs: 70

4,402 - Casualty - 08/09/2007
Y IZ POPLER: It's sad. I guess it strikes a chord with people.
Favs: 33

4,236 - Darnell Theme - 04/30/2008
Y IZ POPLER: It got front-paged! My Pico Day submission, made for Hans Van Harken's Press And Punch Collab.
Favs: 25

4,134 - To the Hilt - 06/03/2007
Y IZ POPLER: Sounds cool, I suppose. It might've been in the Top 30 at one point.
Favs: 19

4,120 - Yummy Muffin ft. Cyril - 12/03/2007
Favs: 70

Posted by Rig - December 6th, 2008

Updates as events warrant.

Important documents
External hard drive power cord

Posted by Rig - December 1st, 2008

Leaving in two hours

That's it! Back to Winnipeg!

Posted by Rig - November 30th, 2008

Thanks, I needed that.

Posted by Rig - November 28th, 2008

Who will win this epic battle - Pink CC or Captain?


Votes so far:
Castle Crasher - 7
Captain - 5
Cock Joke - 1
Angreh Faic - 1
That Orange Thing Captain's Standing On - 1
Shoop Da Woop - 1
Rig - 1
Steve - 1
Poozy - 1
Gein's Cock - 1


Posted by Rig - November 26th, 2008

How else could you explain why this has almost 2k downloads? Seriously. The listen/download ratio is almost 2:1.

I'm baffled as to what you guys would do with something like that. Listen to it while you sleep? Play it for your friends? Remix it? Listen to it casually while you read the dailies?


Posted by Rig - November 22nd, 2008

I've been wanting to buy a new computer for a while now, but I put my dreams on hold due to financial constraints. Now that I hear that I'm getting some grants, bursaries, and royalties for various things, I can finally afford to think about it again!

The fellows over at the Computer Construction crew have helped me out in designing the perfect computer for my needs. I originally wanted to keep it below $1000 Canadian, but decided to double my budget when I saw the prices. This will be mainly used for music production and I put about a 60/40 synthesis/sample ratio when I compose, which puts a lot of pressure on my processor and RAM. My specifications are:

Fast CPU
Plenty of RAM
Moderate disk space

After spending a few days on the internet, I've come up with a build. This will probably change in the future as I add/remove various parts to fine-tune it. Here's my reasoning behind my choices:

CPU - Got the E8500 dual core 3.16 GHz chip from Intel! I'm planning on overclocking it to 4 GHz or so, maybe more. I'm going dual core because most programs can't even handle two cores, never mind four of them. I'm getting the most efficiency per dollar with this chip. Of course, it would burn to a crisp without proper cooling, which is why I'm also getting...

Heatsink - The Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer is the highest ranked heatsink in terms of cooling power on frostytech.com, beating out every other one they reviewed. It'll keep my CPU nice and cool under extreme stress, and it comes with a little fan controller too :3. It'll be attached to...

Motherboard - The ASUS P5Q Deluxe looked like a cool board, so I searched for reviews and it turns out that it IS a cool board. It has lower heat, which is always a bonus, plus it has built-in Wireless N, a RAID controller, and something called Express Gate, which is a version of Linux that you can boot up quickly if you just need to use the internet or something. Plus it has a plethora of overclocking options.

Power Supply - I chose the Antec Signature 650W PSU because Newegg had a deal where you get 50 bucks back if you buy it with the Antec 900 case, but a quick google showed that this PSU is the best one ever.

Video Card - Radeon HD 4850. A guy in the Computer Construction crew recommended it to me, so I did some research and found that it's a pretty powerful board for the price. All that I really need are two DVI ports. :)

OS - You may be wondering why there's no OS there. Well, I'm gonna buy it from eBay - there's all sorts of new XP Pro discs out there that sell for $200 less than what Newegg's offering, because they're meant for the large PC building companies themselves. I'll be missing out on the fancy packaging. Oh noes.

RAM - I'm buying 8 gigs, but I'll only install 4 gigs. I could go up to 8 gigs (I want to), but only 64-bit OSs can utilize that much memory. I'm thinking of getting Vista Home Premium 64 as a dual-boot option. Why dual-boot and not just get Vista, you ask? Because I'm going to be using specialized sound cards and software that work a lot better on XP than Vista. I don't want to take any chances here.

Hard Drives - Three WD 640 GB drives and an 80 GB drive. I was originally planning on four 640 GB hard drives in a RAID 1+0 array for speed and security, but apparently the real-world situations only give about 10%-15% faster rates. It's not worth the stability risk. I might put two of them in a RAID 0 array, though. Anyway, I'll use those big ones for my samples and raw renders. That lone 80 gig drive is gonna be my system drive.

External Media drives - Two CD/DVD burners for multiple burnings and a universal card reader. Nothing to write home about.

Case - Sigma Windstorm. I was suggested to use the Antec 500 for my case, and from what I've heard it's fantastic, but the Windstorm looks just as cooled (5 120mm fans: 1 in front, 1 on the back, 1 on the side, 2 on top, with a port for one on the bottom), it's less expensive, it has more expansion options, AND it has tool-less cages!
The model I chose doesn't come with a side window. Instead, it's plain ol' metal, but it has acoustic foam already installed on the inside. I'll still be buying fan filters separately. To reduce noise, I'm planning on buying soft fan mounts, rubber HD screws, and acoustic foam.

Monitors - It's not listed there, but I'm gonna be getting two, yes two, 24" Samsung 2493HM monitors. 4,608,000 pixels at my command. I'm getting them for their size, contrast ratio, and because they can swivel 90 degrees vertically into portrait mode! Browsing the web and viewing other long things (lol) will be a LOT easier.

All in all, a very capable PC. She will be mine. Oh yes. She will be.

P.S - It'll be less expensive than a Mac. IN UR FAIC

Compootur (updated case)

Posted by Rig - November 19th, 2008

I got a nice surprise when I opened the envelope containing my share of the Halloween prize money - some stickers I hadn't seen before! Here they are, in an inspirational configuration.

Where shall I stick them, Newgrounds?


Posted by Rig - November 10th, 2008



Posted by Rig - November 7th, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Newgrounds.