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Very nice!

You have a wide range of sounds going on here. It all merges together nicely...hard to believe it was made with default FL stuff! :D

garlagan responds:

thanks Rig! your entry sounds really good btw, clean and tight!

Oh hai

Freakin awesome, good sir. Massive, I assume? I have it, but haven't really used it. Maybe I oughta give it more of a shot if you can make stuff like this with it.

Also, I have some ideas...can I remix it? ;3

xKore responds:


This must be Quarl's alt

You sure love those piano stabs, lol

Sounds good man. I'm gonna try some dumbstep too. With my OWN alt. :3

Laqur responds:

welp, if your feeling generous let me know where to find that alt sometime. also, i can't seem to get over those half step stabs. i still like em :/

Extremely simplistic

Sounds like someone figured out how to use LFOs with 3xOsc's cutoff. It sounds wayyyy too plain. Get yourself more stuff going on - more effects on the bass, extra percussion, some compression over the whole thing, etc. 3xOsc is great for bass - I use it all the time for my stuff. But you need to experiment with it more if you want to keep me interested.

superuberinsaneausm responds:

i really didnt have the time to add vocal samples

It does what it says on the tin

It is, indeed, a fun little chiptune creation. I think it could be even MORE chiptune-y though...I don't hear any bitcrushing! Where's the bitcrushing? Needs more bitcrushing.

Yeah, add some bitcrushing and some epic arpeggios. Other than that, sounds good! Nice melody and chord progression, and I like where you put the loop point.

EmperorCharlemagne responds:

Lol, you're right!

I'll definitely have those incorporated in the next song I'm making. This was I suppose more of an homage than an actual recreation, because I need to snoop around for some more VSTs etc to get a real good sound.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Oo la la!

Great vocals, where are they from? Good mixing and mastering, I love that bass. Great job all around.

AeraDynamic responds:

Thank you sir, your word means much to me :) The vocals are from lucky star opening, go and watch a fansub!


This song is amazingly helltastic. I fully approve.

I wonder what ronay's doing nowadays? He's been sending me pictures of myself that he's drawn. D:

Father-of-Death responds:

I bet he is a billionaire from his 5,000,000,000 hit singles, or he's right outside your house looking at you, just waiting.......

Very nice!

It's crisp and clear, with everything having its own space within the mix. Good composition and arrangement, too...it's catchy!

I feel like a chunk of the frequency spectrum is missing, and it becomes more apparent when the drums come in around 2:00. Maybe you could add some sort of pad to fill the spaces? I dunno. It's in the lower-middle area, between 200 and 600 hertz. To my ears, anyway.

But otherwise, it sounds good. You should've sampled newgrounds.com/audio/listen/305947, lol.

xKore responds:

Yeah I understand what you mean with the missing chunk, I can hear it also, but the average frequency levels in har-bal show that area as filled, and the bass guitar and lower end of the strings are supposed to be filling it, but I'm not quite sure why I sounds like it's missing.

Cheers for the review duder.


Good battle, mate!

Father-of-Death responds:



Sounds good, but a lot of it is just straight printer samples without modification, and the beginning sounds pretty boring. I'd give you more stars if you did more with the printers.

That cardboard bass sample you modified near the middle sounds awesome as hell though. I've gotta try that.

I really like that beat at the end and the one in the middle. It just needs more overall. Pads, processing, etc.

TUNEIT responds:

Heh, alright. Thanks man.
Well, i wanted to make something without synths and pads.

But yeah, i could have modified the printer sounds a little.

And thanks alot about what you said about the cardboard box sample =)


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