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Nice feel!

This song has some really neat sounds in it, I especially liked that watery-sounding bass. This song would be perfect for a Megaman-like sidescrolling game!

Probably the only thing that irritated me was the bass drum...it seems awfully loud. No, I don't have the bass turned up on my stereo. :-|

Overall, great work! That degree in Recording and Engineering's coming in handy, eh? I'm getting a degree in Electroacoustics, you should check it out. :-)

beatmasterJAG responds:

Haha, originally I didnt think there was enough bass for a "dance" track. I'll drop the lvl-thanks.

Electroacoustics sound really intriuging; I studied acoustics, and psychoacoustics which is really fascinating stuff.

Thanks for the heads up! And the review back!


Well mixed and well mastered, with a great chord pattern...although I found those claps a bit loud. And that slayer synth got kinda annoying after a while. But it was a good beat. You oughta find someone to rap over this!

Keep up the collaborating! And if you want to do something together someday, don't hesitate to ask. :-D

- Rig

Para-Noid responds:

Yeah, I heard the claps. They are a bit to loud. Didn't like the slayer that much huh? Well that's to bad. I can get somebody to rap over it, if hes into it but I doubt it.

I can collab with you, just not right now.


You're not alone

Several of my songs are over the 150 mark with slim to none reviews. Just hang in there. :-)

The song is indeed very trancy. I like! Makes me want to sit in the corner with my eyes glazed over. o_O The main synth has a great tone, and those reversed voices only added to the tranciness. Good job!

- Rig

RougeChocobo responds:

thanks. i didnt think i was the only one lol. Yah the voices were fun to play with. and dont have a seizure lol XD

Nice remix

It's very video-gamey, and I can tell what the original song was. But I think you could've put some more effort into it. It just seems kinda thin.

Of course, we all have our boredom-inspired songs. :-)

Overall, great remix. I can really see this being used in an animation eventually. Keep it up!

- Rig

grahf677 responds:

thanks for the review...i will be more inspired next time.


Man, this is great.

From the string intro to the piano solos, this whole song reeks of excellence. Yes, reeks. The reverb effects are perfect! I find that the high end is really hissy, though, especially when the snare drum comes in. An adjustment of the high-end dampening is all that's needed. :-D

I notice that this isn't your first epic piece, and I hope it isn't the last. Keep up the good work!

- Rig

PERVOK responds:

Yeah, sorry about the quality. The soundfont I was using for the strings in this piece don't like to be poured full of treble, or else they hiss.

Other than that, thanks for the review.

Review the drums, you say? Ok!

The drums themselves felt kinda tinny and sampled, and all the same volume. You're using FL Studio, right? Try using the FPC plugin and play around with the note velocities, it really adds some realism to the beat when you add some accents.

The rest of the song sounds good! One thing it really needs is a bassline, though. haha

Keep up the good work!



It really projects the mood of a factory, but one thing I had a problem with was that big boom sound that starts about halfway through. WAY too much clipping! It would sound a million times better if you turn it down a bit. Have you tried running this through a compressor?

All clipping aside, great job on the piece! It has all the metallic sounds you could ask for. Keep it up!

- Rig

You're teh man

Hey there, djknightime!

I just wanted to let you know that this song is being used on the front page of a website! Congratulations on making such a nice tune!

Your song can be found right here - http://www.teterezende.com.br/

Great job!
- Rig

P.S - I love those chimes! Is that EDIROL Orchestral you're using?

djknightime responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!

And yup, I use FLStudio 5 with EDIROL Orchestral. It's a good combination, imho =D

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