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Everything here is exactly what I would look for in an 8-bit Christmas tune - it sounds professional! Great job! I loved your little segues and key changes, very tasteful.

I can't think of anything to add to this, other than keep it up! :D

ImperfectDisciple responds:

ooh, i love that word, segues! lol, it sounds cool.

-Alright, stupidity aside now, lol.

-Thanks! I had fun with the changing between songs, and I'm glad it sounds professional. I'll be sure to check your submission for the MAC once it's posted (and if it's already posted, I'll guess i'll find it very soon, lol).



Great shredding! I had no problem with the guitars at all. But I had a problem with the drums - they're WAY too compressed. Just keep that part down and you'll be good :)

Rock onnnnn!

Hippin' and a hoppin'

Ethnic! Yay! Sounds just fine and dandy to my ears. Call me old-fasioned, but I would've liked to hear a hi-hat too.

I have nothing else to say :P
Keep it up!

Greeksta-69 responds:

Thanks for the review, i couldent find the right hihat for this song :'(

Thanks for th review man i appreciate it.



A smooth, airy piece. However, I didn't enjoy it as much as your other MAC entry.
The starting pad is nice enough, but I think those paddy bursts should've started out under a fairly resonant LP filter, then brought up to the top at about the same time as when the piano comes in.
And the drums - with all the reverb on everything else, I think the drums should be more dry and snappy (well, a long airy decay on the snare is always nice). The kick drum needs to be deeper, there's very little bass in this song and a deep kick would really drive the track along.

Good job nonetheless. You're really proficient at ambient - but even ambient songs should take advantage of the whole sound spectrum. :)

Keep it up!


I saw the phrase "a whole lot of subbass" and immediately cranked up my subs. And I wasn't disappointed. Could've used even more, IMHO :D

Really nice clicking sound there! Little things like that really bring dimension to a track. Glad to hear you taking advantage of the whole spectrum.
The drums are sufficiently trippy and deep. I would like to hear it go double-time at some parts, just to shake things up a bit.

My only major qualm with this song is that it's too short. I would've loved to have heard a bagpipe-like drone on the E after the drums drop out at the end, then sustain that drone with the chirpy background pad, and then bring the whole thing up again with more powerful drums and more saw-y pads.

Awesome job!

5,500th download!

I feel special.
Anyways, nice tune! Good use of the eastern instruments. The main problem I have with this is all the reverb...I would imagine a desert to be bare and empty. The full reverb kinda detracts from the whole idea of bare and empty.
Just my opinion, but if I were doing a desert theme, I'd use fewer instruments, less reverb, and a single voice instead of that choir :)

MaestroRage responds:

I'm pretty sure 4000 of that is mass downloaded. I wonder if Tom/Wade can manually remove 4000 downloads, because at one time, I got 800 downloades, in 3 minutes... not at all realistic. If the person who did that reads this at any time, please never again :D

It is entirely possible to make a desert theme with completely "dry" sounds *giggle*, however I felt that with the reverb you get a sense of... well heat. Think of the wavy air above the sands as the heat reflects off their cruel surface. For some reason when I see this wavy air, I think a muffled, partially distorted reverb instrument fits. As it's not clear, as the person is not operating normally.

It's a valid opinion, and respectable. Thank you for your honesty, thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it! I apologize for the late response!

Kinda thin

First of all, thanks for your reviews! :D
On to your stuff, now...

I like the bass sound, but it just was too repetitive. Try changing the chord progression up every so often, it keeps people on their toes.
You know what you need? Some swooshing background pads. The whole song is kinda thin, and the one pad I DO hear just doesn't cut it.
Your drums are too straight and predictable. Throw in some crazy drum loops, slice them up, and rearrange them! :D Also, there's a synth that pops in a couple times that's WAY too loud in the mix. Turn it down plz D:

It has potential, it's just those little things all adding up that bring it down. Keep working at it, read what other people are doing, and I recommend picking up a copy of Comupter Music magazine. It's chock full of advice, free synths/effects, and free samples! I learned a lot from it. :)

- Rig

ErikPaladin responds:

I reviewed your stuff because I liked it, and not because I wanted you to review my stuff. Thanks a lot for doin' that without asking!!

Well, that's my first submission. I know it's not good enough, but my main problem is ideas. I come with the main part. Ok, I create it. But then I think: "Ok. What now?".

I'll follow your advices for sure. In vacations, when I'll have free time, I'll come with something better.

Thanks again, dude!


I <3 you

I've gotta agree with ferongr

More bass! You say there's more to the music than bass, but when you submit it to the DnB genre, people are gonna expect a lot of bass.
You probably have the bass on your sound system cranked up...that why it seems fine to you. Are you using FL? A saw with 3xOsc plus some resonant filtering works wonders with basslines.
It's an alright song otherwise. Just...add the bass. :)

Man, I said the word "bass" a lot in this review. Bass, bass, bass. Bass!

- Rig

lol i made a vst called Rigbass

WritersBlock responds:

Ok, so my first bassline was not bass-ey enough... I might redo this if I ever feel like it, otherwise, next DnB track I'll try out the 3XOsc. I checked out that cornandbeans tut, but I'm still trying to understand it.
If I redo this, I'll probably redo the drums to make them more DnB.

Thanks for review and tips, and confirmation that ferongr was right, sorry for doubting ya, I'm slightly biassed towards my own music =P


Reminds me of my song DnB Swingin'. This needs to be used in a crazy flash.

The finer sound designer.

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