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I'm afraid that any score I could give this song is negated by the fact that it contains a copyrighted sample. :|

Lejin responds:

so why you stole it for? lmfao

the truth hurts, floppy.


Crazy shreds! :O

I always look forward to your entries in the Guitar Challenge thread. I wasn't disappointed this time - great interwoven tones and soloing!

Awesome work! I wish I could critique it more...I'm just not a guitar player. :P

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks man! I had fun with this backing track.


This song pwns in every way. xD


I had found that crowd sample tiring before, and now that you have it playing throughout your entire song, I'm even more tired of it. IMO, that thing should be used for specific moments in the song, otherwise it loses its power. No crowd in real life would be cheering that long that consistently. :P

Otherwise, it's an alright song. Kinda muddy because you don't have any highpass filtering on the things that need it (like the lead synth), but it's a pretty solid house song. Repetitive, predictable, and not original, but just what the doctor ordered for the standard clubber.

Not the best example of Sytrus's power

As a raw demo of Sytrus, this song doesn't do it enough justice. I could make the same sounds with 3xOsc. Get deeper into the program, man! Utilize the envelopes, all that modulation, filters, everything. It can do TONS of stuff.

As a song, yeah, it's pretty generic. But hey, you get points for the effort. :D

Mrmilkcarton responds:

Theres alot more it can do. For starters though it gets the point across. You can see this as two point of views. One being you can make simple but whole sounding synthes with less effort. Two being its not very complicated, the matrix can do a ton more.

I agree with everyone including you. It's not the best demonstration if you want a good demonstration go to the FL site they have some nice demos.

Though there are synthes in the song achievable by 3XOsc the quality of that synthe is harder to reach then it is through Sytrus. Little mixing was needed to achieve most of these synthes. I just wanted to show people a fairly nice sounding song could come out of sytrus without using presets or understanding it all.

Once I understand it more I'll make a song comprised of only Sytrus, which means no samples. Thanks for your input and truthful score.


I love the exclusive use of the piano and violins in this song. Very jazzy, and great effects on the drums. What VST did you use for the piano? It sounds great!

Some things that bugged me were the fact that the snares sounded really thin - I think a little more punch was needed. And you say it's loopable, but it doesn't actually loop. haha

Otherwise, it's a great piece and I hope to hear more from you soon!

No1r responds:

Hey Rig, thank you so much for your review!
Well piano is a Steinway Grandpiano (soundfont format), with some reverbs :)
Yes, snare sounds really thin but in my opinion it's ok..the melody should prevail in the song.
Loopable means that if an audio artist need this song - looped - i can do that :)
I'm glad about your review, so thanks again.


This is one of the best end-game songs ever written, rivaling the genius of Still Alive from Portal. :D

I hope this isn't just a one-time thing, and that you upload more to NG! Seriously, I have to listen to (mostly) crap all day - your stuff is a breath of fresh air. Keep it up.

Reachground responds:

Thanks a lot! :)


Awesome! I'm so glad you moved up from Garageband - Reason fits you like a glove. :D

The song is great, you really know how to make a bassline sound interesting. But there's just not enough going on in the middle frequencies - it's pretty much all bass and highs. More distortion on the bass is a good remedy for that.

Keep it up, can't wait for more!

Quarl responds:

I'll keep that in mind. Heck I might even try fixing that tommorow. Thanks man!

Not bad

I can name a few of the loops you used though, haha

As a punchy song, though, it isn't too good. The kick has no presence, the snare's quiet - overall, it's just reeeeeally thin.
Keep trying, maybe look at some tips here - http://suspended-3rd-chord.newgrounds .com/news/post/86971

Bballdude9997 responds:

I have 0 experience in making my own loops, and I don't feel like buying any other things, I think the 400+ presets sytrus gives me is good for now :P, and thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to use them


Good mix! It really fits the energy and flow of their lyrics! I'm a fan of glitchy things, too. Awesome! :D

Father-of-Death responds:


The finer sound designer.

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