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...you are. :D

trashcanman responds:

i am?

i am what


You really should consider entering this month's MAC (Monthly Audio Contest) - check out the Audio Forum for more details :D

kelwynshade responds:

I'll definatly look into it. Good lookin out.


I feel like this song is calling my dick. Found this in the "users liked this also enjoyed" list for cnb's "I love cock 2" song. And "6 in a row" is in your list.

Love the scratches. I wish I had that hardware :(

Rucklo responds:

lolghey :D

A breath of fresh air

It's great to hear some REAL DnB on the portal for once. Great job! Good use of Hoovers, grinding bass, soft pianos, perfect background fx.

Can't wait to hear more.

oddfellowfloyd responds:

hey man, thanks for the kind words! when i can write like Concord Dawn, i'll be even happier haha! ;) what i *really* want to do is try and figure out my pro-tools/m-audio setup and lay some 7-string guitar down on some d'n'b tracks! hehe

i posted some more tracks up, check 'em out, and of course, constructive criticism is always welcome! i'm also working out a couple tracks (a happycore and a d'n'b, both with friends of mine who are laying some vocals on top! so i'm quite excited!)

peace always


This piece is evil, alright. I like how you started it off, although a really low drone would've fleshed it out. Actually, the whole song is in need of some bass. The choir could use some reverb as well, it seems kinda dry.

I like that violin sound! It adds a nice feel to the whole thing. The voice is a nice touch, too...but it sounds like you just lengthened it to get it to be lower. Check out a free VST called KTGranulator - it has some real-time pitch shifting functions that really make a voice sound evil. :D

It's a nice piece. But it sounds thin - add some more instruments and power up the drums.


You're right - you aren't the best at FL. But this is still a darn listenable track. You have some glisses and other nice little touches like that, but it needs more mastering. It's all at the same freakin' volume...get some crescendos happening!
More layers would be nice, too. Get some ambient stuff going on, and please please please get more drums. I'm just not feeling it.
Also, Slayer kinda sucks. :\

You're well on your way! It's a good mix, but it just needs more.
- Rig

jrayteam6 responds:

Your right your right, the new version of this track has been rebuild almost from the ground up, this was my first sort of.... aggressive epic attempt, hence my pathetic 5 hour time frame. Things have come a long way since this track... but slayer.... your stepping on my game man, this is one of my original setups, and its definatley nothing to what I've done latley... just trying to redeem myself. Anways, thanks for the thoughts, I'll try to get the full version up here.


For a first song, this is awesome! You have some great melodies and chord changes going on in here. Keep it up, you can only get better :)

masterkoopa1015 responds:

thanks, and will get better :)

Oh so dreamy

I'm flooooating....above the seeeeeea...everything's so preeeeeetty...

Very nice song here! I just love the whole feel. But I would've liked to hear that lp'd saw synth throughout the song, with that plunky melody. And the piano seems to be played too hard, I think a softer sound would work better for this piece.

Overall: great chords, great ambience, great textures. Keep it up!

Could be better

First off, welcome to NG! :D
This is a nice tune you have here, I like the contrast between the piano and the techno synths. But it still needs work:

- Make that crowd louder! I'm just not feeling it.
- More layering. It's really thin right now. Get some more stuff happening in the background, like some swooshy effects and cool counter-melodies with distorted leads.
- Run this thing through some compression. Compression = thickness. But make sure you don't overdo it!
- Drum variety. 4-on-the-floor doesn't HAVE to be nothing but kick and hats. Get some crazy snare beats going!

This isn't the best song in the portal, but you're on your way.
- Rig


SOMEONE forgot to select "Wrap Remainder". -3 pts! :O
Very happy otherwise.

Distortzion responds:

lalz, i hear it now xD

The finer sound designer.

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