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Very nice!

Wow, this really reminds me of Moby, what with the 808-ish drums and the flowing pads. Very intricate, lots of things going on.

What I think brings this piece down is the repetition...that main pluck just gets on my nerves after a while. Change things up a bit, go for a different chord progression, SOMETHING.

Besides the repetitiveness of the chords and the main pluck, it sounds great. I love the drums and the layers, although near the end I think you could have even more stuff going on in the stereo spectrum, it seems too mono to me.

Good job!

TUNEIT responds:

Oh, thanks for the great review, i can really use this.
I haven't noticed the mono thing you were talking about.

Well, i might make some sounds shift from left to right speaker or something in my upcoming projects then.



I love the composition here, especially when that orchestra comes in. Catchy, euphoric...all in all, a great song!

The only problems I had with the piece were some of your instrument choices. The synth bass seems to be a bit flat. It sounds better when all the instruments come in, but when it's playing the higher notes, you can hear the detuning. I'd rather hear a plucked electric bass.

The oboe you have going sounds quite synthetic. Try swapping it out for some epic rock organ sounds...I think that would sound awesome! :D

Keep up the good work!

sorohanro responds:

Thanx man, really appreciate your review.
The bass it's supposed to be a fretless bass with chorus, guess it's not very realistic :p That's what you end up with if you stick to freeware (like I do).

Oboe and also flute in some places sounds quite synthetic, but I would try to get real orchestra playing instead of change those with other instruments(dreaming of...).


That boy needs therapy.

You're good!

I'm loving those bassy grinds, sir. Nice variety and abstractions as well, it really ties the song together. I have a problem with that synth string pad, though...it sounds too much like a synth string pad. Moisten it with some filters and delay, methinks. ;P

Is this on the album?

Quarl responds:

If by album you mean shock art then no. If by album you mean the forum ep then nope. This one is here for free while supplies last.


Well, the orchestra is nice, but where's the printer innovation? It just sounds like an orchestral clip over a few severely gated printer samples. :P

Also, I just got back from District 9.

Mrmilkcarton responds:

I dunno I guess I was going for a film trailer idea with the printer being the monster.

Very nice!

The composition is well done, and the beat sounds great. All you need to do is run it through a compressor or something and turn up the volume. Try that and re-upload it! :D

alextheDJ responds:

Alright thanks! Will do!

Very nice!

Wow, 7 minutes of DnB and not a boring minute throughout! That takes skillz.

Good placement with those vocals, drums sounded great. The only thing that bugged me was the lack of sub. Without the low low notes, it sounds like it's in a perpetual state of "intro"...I kept waiting for the big drop where the main theme would come in. If you put a sub under that bassline you have, I GUARANTEE it would sound a million times better.

If only you had a sub.

Other than that, great job!

AeraDynamic responds:

wow thanks for the helpful review, I'll give it a shot and may upload an updated version ;)

Very nice!

Many different bass tones in this one, I love it. It could've used more sub, and it's way too short. Is this just a clip of a longer song?

Make it longer and you've got yerself a ten. :D

Pretty nice.

You certainly have a gift for music, but the samples bring this song down. It SOUNDS like it was made on a computer, mostly because the reverb and/or long release time on everything make the flute and strings sound washed out, blending all together, no definition. The flute doesn't take a break, when does it breathe? It's all one continuous line. Silence can be a great punctuation sometimes.

The drum loop was also washy and without variety. Put some punch into your snares, give more power to the kick.

The quiet part from 2:55 onward was, well, boring. The volume stayed the same throughout, no breaks from the flute. The strings played the same thing over and over; I think what would've worked there would be having the strings play a descending chord progression from a few octaves up to the octave it plays in now (over the duration of the whole section), so that the song feels like it's going somewhere. It would lend more power to that section for sure.

My favourite part was at 4:26, when the horns come in, though I think you could've had them at a higher octave as well.

The chord at 4:19 made me wince.

Please turn it up a bit. I had my system cranked up high.

I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything...I just think this song could be a lot better. :P

nathanallenpinard responds:

True, it's an older piece, using probably 8 year old orchestral samples.

Also regarding the volume. There's that thing called dynamics, though the mastering probably could've been better.

Sounds nice

Very nice mix you have here. I like that lower clap sound that comes in every so often. The synths are well-made and fit the song well. Here's what I'd change, though:

- Use a different kick, something lower, and sidechain it with the bass or something. It lacks the power I expected from a song like this.
- Put a reverb on that crash. You can hear where the sample cuts off, and that bugs me. lol
- Play around with your vox. Have another layer of it at a lower volume, and cut it up, splice it, stutter, filter, etc - its' a great effect! Check out Spor's "Blue Girl" for a good example of what I'm talking about.

It's a good song, far better than most of the stuff found on this site...it just sounds a bit simple at the moment. But certainly deserves a higher score than 3.52. 5'd!

architecture responds:

This is just a remix someone else did with my mix. I dont have the multi track master of this tune. The remixer just used my master vocals and made the music himself. I have my original mix, that i plan to revamp and remix myself as well. Stay tuned.

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