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Solus didn't hit me an easy one

I just made it sound easy.

Anyways, awesome work to you all! I love how we managed to cover ambient, rock, dance, DnB, and IDM in one song. :D
Can't wait till the next one's done!

SolidElectro responds:

Don't forget Acid or classical ;), me neither!


Sounds great! :D
Man, one of my friends loves Megaman. He's gonna love this. Awesome work, good mastering, and I can hear the bass this time ;)
Keep it up!

DarKsidE555 responds:

Be sure to save some cum for ultimate proof! ;D

LoL...to be honest...I didn't even master this. I thought the mix itself was actually ok so I kept it but it's nice to hear that I did a good job with the bass! Thanks for the help again man! ;)

I love

this song. It's amazingly well recorded and well written - I could listen to this all day! Maybe I'll remix it or something...is that ok? :D
Amazing! Keep it up!

sorohanro responds:

remixit ? that would be fun ...
if you decide to remix i can send you some of the tracks separatly ;)

Sounds cheap :P

The piano sounds very synthesized. Try adding reverb or something, man...this is an ambient song, after all. And where's the bass? This sounds very incomplete.
- Add some effects, like reverb and filtering, to the piano.
- Put some variation in the piano melody! It got very monotonous.
- Needs, NEEDS a bassline.
- The rain cuts in and out way too quickly, it's jarring.

Just some constructive criticism. :)

New-Milkman responds:

Apperently piano needs reverb. Because almost EVERYONE has said that. Good to know though. And I have no idea why there isn't a bassline. It must have been me really bored, and thinking I could do ambient because of my other one :P And I tried to somehow automate the rain to make it sound smoother, but I got frustrated and gave up... wow, I got lazy on this one.

Thanks for the review!


Very nice! I can hear the Aphex Twin influence for sure, as well as Pink Floyd...? lol. In any case, it's a very trippy piece indeed. Reminds me of the music that comes out of my neighbour's room when he's stoned, haha.
Great guitars, and great programming. I like those little synth lines over everything, too. But the bassline needs to be a bit louder or more intense, methinks, especially if it's in the DnB genre. Right now it belongs in Misc.

Keep it up! :D
And thanks for reviewing my stuff, too. I should review more people more often. :(

Quarl responds:

lol, yeah, it's not easy to get good sounding bass out of garage band, that was the sub preset with some "clarity" thrown on top of it to ummm... clarify it? Ahhh, I need a better program.

Thanks for the review back, and yes, you should review other people more often you mean jerk! You suck eggs! :P

Sounds good!

It does have potential, but it needs more bass. Like a sidechained sine wave - the bass you have currently is too thin. Sine waves rule. :)
It kinda sounds over-compressed, too. Maybe you meant for that to happen, but I don't really care for it. lol
I don't have too much else to add - it's the bass that really needs work. Keep trying!

aurora10 responds:

will do! thanks!

Very nice!

Sorry about not telling you my thoughts on MSN - my internet connection failed and I had to leave anyway :P

Like Mr. Tinker said, there was lotsa bass. A bit much I think - if I had my speakers, with me, I would have to turn down the sub. Good beat, though! It really needs some vocals - the track just doesn't feel complete at the moment. :(
I really like the ending and how you tied the beginning and end of my song into that part. Also how it reverses at the end :)

Solid track, man! Lemme know if you find some vocals.
(Now I wanna make a hip-hop remix of Genesis, lol)

Greeksta-69 responds:

lol yeah BASSSSSSSSSSSS, Maybe ill throw some vocals on this... the beat kinda inspires me.
Thanks for letting me mix it up.

Oh yeah and you should make a hip hop version ahah


Very nice!

High marks for having good vocals. But I think the mixing could've used more work. The instruments could've been spread out more in the stereo field, and the vocals need to be turned down relatively.
More dynamic play too, please. Everything stays pretty much the same volume. When the chorus comes in, it'd be great to have a sort of high synth melody playing over everything...it just doesn't have the power it deserves at the moment. That synth guitar should be spread out over the stereo field, too - it blends in with the vocals too much. Check out my song "Yummy Muffin ft. Cyril" for a good example :)
Where's the snare? THAT'S what this needs.

Overall, it's a great start! Lemme know if you update it.


I thought I was the only one who made a muffiny song. Glad to see I'm not alone.
Nice beat! Everything works nicely together. Sounds kinda thin overall, and it doesn't loop properly. Good job overall, though!

Syntrus responds:

Its not a loop itz a song everyone loves a lil somthin in their muffinz.

Good stuff!

It would be a nice tune to dance to, all right. The thing is, it needs more abstractions - it sounds awfully thin at the moment. Why not add some whooshy stuff in the background? Abstractions are what separate the good songs from the bad songs. :)
Maybe add some more synths, too. And make sure the bass drum is constant - I heard it switch from 4 on the floor to just on beats 1 and 3 at one point.

Overall, it's a good start. Keep it up, man!

ErikPaladin responds:

First of all, thanks a lot for the review. There're some good tips in it \o/

Well, this music was not intended to be good. I was kinda creating while I played. That's why it's structure is not so good, at all. At first, I didn't even kwon if I was going to upload it.

But I promise that the next songs will be better, Rig!

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